This trailer is making waves. The first major motion picture woman led superhero movie is coming out June 2nd, 2017 and you can bet us at WomenSuperheroCostuemes are going to see it.

Here’s the thing, this isn’t the first wonder woman attempt at the big screen, it’s just likely the best. To be honest though, it’ll be hard to beat Linda Carter in the 1975 Wonder Woman TV Series. She’ll always be Wonder Woman in our hearts.

However we will admit Gal Gadot has took our breadth away.

Now we need to admit, we normally try not to watch trailers because in this day and age they spoil so much. Yet here’s the thing, we watch Batman vs Superman (aka the Wonder Woman Launch Movie) and we saw how bad ass the new Wonder Woman was.

She effortless weaved into both batman and Superman story lines and tied it together with Wonder Woman holding off DOOMSDAY long enough for Superman to do his thing. She crushed it.

Wonder Woman Trailer Review:

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Awesome right? Today as I write this from a café in Denver during Black Friday (we should all be shopping online) the trailer has reached over 14 Million Views. If all those people go see the new movie at $12 a ticket, it’ll rake up over $168,000,000 in the box office in the first 2 weeks. That’s impressive considering the $120M budget. Let’s be honest though, it’ll do better. A strong woman lead who saves the day and not the typical damsel in distress, we can get behind that.

Now let’s talk costume since that’s kind of our thing. They’ve had some issues the last couple years figuring out how to make her look. Basically all our Wonder Woman costumes on our site have been earlier iterations which to base off the new costume. Even the pant suit Wonder Woman Costume. That was just because they thought bikini Wonder Woman was too scandalous for impressionist kids. Honestly, yea we get that. In our minds, this is how we picture the costume director getting to the new outfit.

This is an amazing design by the costume crew. It’s the best of both worlds and you can bet we’ll have that costume up on our site soon.

Plot: This is a origin story. Though most people aren’t familiar with the Wonder Woman character so a lot of this will be new. Wonder Woman aka Princess Diana (played by Gal Gadot) has been training all her life (She lives a really really long time) on an island of all Amazon Warriors, or all women warriors. Then here comes Steven Trevor (Chris Pine) who washes up on shore of their island after a WWII plane crash found by Princess Diana. He is the first man she’s ever seen.

Curiosity gets the better of her and she joins Steve Trevor back to mankind where it’s World War II time period and she finds herself fighting for what right.
Let me rephrase, she fight for what she feels is right. Being the strong female lead, she does whatever the hell she wants to. She takes no crap from no man. That’s one of the best things about Wonder Woman. She comes from an island that females are the alpha gender and scoffs at any attempt of men telling her otherwise. Basically she is one bad ass Women Superhero and this will be one heck of a movie. Check it out in theaters in June, 2017.