Despite the fact that many consider comic books as being a realm for men, the reality is that there are numerous comics that have female superheroes as their central theme. The first superheroines have appeared in comic books back in the 50s, and since then they are an integral part of the comic book world, with many of them still having their own series or being an important of numerous other comics focused on male lead characters.

Why were female superheroes added into the comic book world?

One of the main reasons behind this is surely the fact that this was a natural thing to do. There were numerous male heroes (such as Captain America) that were influenced by women in becoming who they are, and from here to having the first female heroes it was only a small step. Having females in comics is not only a thing that lead to more diversity, but it also happened during a time in which women started to gain a lot more rights and importance in society.

The most popular female superheroes

Since the 50s, hundreds of female heroes have been created, with some being more popular than others. While some of them are female versions of male heroes, such as Batgirl, Aquagirl or Supergirl, there are some that are original and with a very interesting history

Wonder Woman

This is one of the most popular female heroes that’s an amazon warrior princess that has an unique arsenal of weapons, as well as numerous interesting abilities like super strength, as well as a healing factor, magical weaponry and great hand to hand combat abilities.

Black Canary

A member of the Justice League, the Black Canary is focused on hand to hand combat, and she has a lot of interesting enemies which makes following her individual story, as well as her presence in the Green Arrow Comics, a complete pleasure!

Captain Marvel

She was created as a Captain America counterpart, but quickly managed to create a name for herself with the diverse comics and the unique adventures. In the comics, she oversteps her boundaries and challenges Captain America a few times, so it’s nice to see how she evolves!


Raven is an interesting hero because she is the child of a demon and a woman, and she was actually raised in an alternate dimension. As a hero, she manages to control her emotions and she actually has a sardonic wit.


Marvel’s Elektra is a female hero with a lot of martial arts training, and at the same time she is an assassin and a bounty hunter that does cross paths with some heroes often, Daredevil being one of them.

Black Widow

The only female member of the Avengers and a spy that works for Shield, Natasha, also known as Black Widow is very intelligent and highly trained, so seeing her in action in comics is just plain fun. You can find her in a multitude of comic series, including her own.


Named Selina Kyle, Catwoman has been an ally and a villain for Batman, so whenever you see her in the Batman comics, you know that something unpredictable is going to happen.

Jean Grey

One of the most important members of the X-Men, Jean has some astounding psychic powers that help her group quite a lot. Her interesting presence is always bringing new life into the action and she is one of the main reasons behind the comic book success of the X-Men.

As you can see, the female superhero world is varied and filled with lots of characters that have managed to conquer our hearts for decades. If you want to see another side of the comic books, but still retain the action and extraordinary appeal, then reading the comic books starring these female heroes is a good idea. Exploring the cities through the eyes of a female hero is very exciting, and we recommend you to check these comics out!