It’s getting close to prep time for Halloween. We’re not talking about close to stockpiling candy or grabbing the ladder to hang decorations, this is costume making time!

We offer a great variety of different Women Superhero Costumes, but we also want to encourage you to make your own, in doing this we want to offer you Free Superhero Icons!

Superhero Icons are essential to making any Women’s Superhero Costume, in fact if you don’t have a superhero symbol you just look plain dump/stupid/idiotic and that’s putting it nicely. Now we don’t want you to look dumb/stupid/idiotic so we have some of the top superhero icons and symbols you can download for free to make the bloody best costume you can.

Some good ideas, scale them to a size that is proportional to your torso and try press on sheets to iron the logo to your costume, or print stickers and stick them to your gloves and/or accessories. If you’re fancy you can stitch them into a patch. Regardless of how you use them, below are free, high quality Superhero Icons that you can reference or use to create a sweet Women’s Superhero Costume!




One pack we definitely recommend is the Superhero Icons Ultimate Bundle of 31 Flat Minimalistic Superhero Icons. This set is created by Ondra at and is completely free. All he ask is that you send out a tweet about the icon set and it’s yours to download. Pretty sweet. Here are some of the icons you’ll get!

Let us know if you have any Superhero Icons you want us to share!