Lois Lane Costume

Lois Lane is one of the most iconic women in the superhero world.  She has no real super power.  Though one could argue she has the super power of capturing the heart of Superman.  Even the strongest man in the world needed a woman to help him get back in the toughest of moments.  This is why we decided to feature the woman in Superman’s life in today’s post, Lois Lane.  We will walk you through some homemade costume ideas for your next Lois Lane costume.

Any Lois Lane costume can be fairly simple.  The base to any Lois Lane costume is a pencil skirt ($89.50), suit blazer ($198.00), and a feminine white blouse ($69.50).  You don’t even have to wear the jacket from the suit.  The pencil skirt and white blouse will be enough to show who you are.  To complete this simple Lois Lane costume I would add in large black framed glasses ($4.99) and a pearl necklace ($4.99).  These two elements help portray the image of the classy journalist that Lois Lane is.  Put your hair up in a French twist and throw on some black pumps to complete this simple Lois Lane costume.


[av_one_fifth first]Lois Lane Costume - Blouse[/av_one_fifth]

[av_one_fifth]Lois Lane Costume - Pencil Skirt[/av_one_fifth]

[av_one_fifth]Lois Lane Costume - Suit Jacket[/av_one_fifth]

[av_one_fifth]Lois Lane Costume - Glasses[/av_one_fifth]

[av_one_fifth]Lois Lane Costume - Necklace[/av_one_fifth]


The Lois Lane costume can easily be combined with the Clark Kent costume.  This is easy to create for your man as well.  Just get him some dress slacks, white button up shirt, black tie, and sleek glasses.  Have him button down his shirt to expose the superman t-shirt that he is wearing underneath.  You two can easily create one of the best combinations for superhero costumes for couples.

We personally love the Lois Lane costume because it is super super easy to create.  You can easily have one of the sexiest costumes at any event.  We also love that you can make this one of the best superhero costumes for couples by dressing your man as Clark Kent.


Like we always say. Be Super, Look Good!



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